Steve Clark attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design as a photography major.  He worked for twenty-five years shooting fashion, still life, and beauty.  His client base included Ralph Lauren, Shape Magazine, Patagonia, Los Angeles Magazine, Robinsons May, Target, Playboy, Spanish Vogue, Ottorino Bossi, Honda, L’Official Magazine, Moda Magazine, King magazine, Lorac Cosmetics, Olga Lingerie, Mervyn’s, Sebastian International, Carushka Body Wear, Baileys Irish Cream, IT Models, Elite Models.

In 1999 Steve decided to focus on underwater cinematography and works towards educating communities about habitats that are being threatened by over fishing and pollution.

His award winning underwater short film, Arc of a Diver, received high accolades including winning the Montana CINE for best children’s film, honorable distinction at Celebrate the Sea Film Festival and, Blue Ocean Film Festival and Kids First! Film Festival. Arc of a Diver was also a finalist at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, International Wildlife Film Festival and Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival.

Now, after twelve years of diving & filming all over the world, Steve has the experience and ability to create uniquely stunning imagery for any project.

Steve is in development on an underwater 3D IMAX film partnering with Sean Phillips, Days End Pictures, and Mark Krezien. DIVE! 3D was officially announced in September at the GSCA.  Steve will be director of underwater cinematography, co-writer, and narrator the film.


As a PADI SCUBA instructor Steve’s diving skills are impeccable, he owns and maintains his own equipment including a Sport KISS rebreather. Steve films with a Sony EX1 HD camera equipped with a Nano Flash in a Gates housing with macro and Fathom Imaging super-wide ports with full HID lighting. He grew up around boats and had his first one at 9 years old. Since then he’s owned a 31’ Grady-White for shooting locally in Southern California. Later he bought a 43’ SAGA sailboat and sailed it from Los Angeles to Auckland, NZ. Steve also used it as a filming platform and lived aboard overseas for 2 ½ years while accumulating 9,000 sea miles.

Steve has done interviews about his unique underwater work online.  They can be found at: Enter “filmmaker steve clark” in keywords search

Steve testified at the Navy Sonar Hearings and was involved in the creation of the Channel Islands Marine Reserves in California. More recently he testified at the California Fish and Game Commission hearing, which has now created a new suite of integrated marine protected areas in Southern California.

In addition Steve regularly give talks about the ocean at schools and film festivals offering kids in particular a non-threatening perspective of the sea.

Charlotte Vick and Sylvia Earle requested scenes from Arc of a Diver and Steve’s demo reel to be uploaded into Google Ocean. They have been submitted and can be found in the database.

Quotes about the filmmaker and the film, Arc of a Diver:

“You are of the same caliber as Howard Hall and David Doubilet.  Your film is entertaining and educational as well.  The BBC has got to see this film.  It’s really wonderful.”

Barry Clark, CEO Mandalay Media Arts and owner of Telenova.

“I saw your Arc of a Diver film and think that you have terrific talent, and some fantastic footage.  I love your voice, and your style of narration.  I can see you as the next Cousteau. Your enthusiasm and voice are so different.”

Fergus Beeley, CEO of Ice Wolf Ltd. and executive producer of over twenty natural history films for the BBC.

“You are a GENIUS at talking to kids. The talent you have is one in a million.”

Iri Cermak, researcher, writer, and delegate at the International Wildlife Film Festival.

“That voice!  It’s what we have been looking for.  It’s what kids respond to…  No one has ever kept the entire student body engaged for the full hour before.  You have made a tremendous impact on their lives… thank you.”

Gene Fein, teacher at the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School.

“You are giving me a terrible lust for your material to be in Google Ocean.  These are marvelous.  Each species featured in Arc of a Diver could be a post in Google Ocean and I’ll move Heaven and Earth to get them in”.

Charlotte Vick, Content Editor Google Earth (OCEAN) at Google, Inc.

Interactive Partnership Coordinator, Mission Blue Foundation.